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The Yellow Bird House

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Donna J. Noel
Amelia, Virginia
Breeder & Exhibitor
of canaries
American Singers
Color bred: Red Lipochrome,Bronze,Isabell

I suggest when you are going to build or have a aviary built you do your home work.  There are so many things to take in consideration.  Plan it out well before you start.  The best thing that helped me was I asked fellow breeders.
Here are a few things I found out that I hope will help you.  The roof has a cap to help with ventilation.  The house is on cement piers that also helps with ventilation.  I cut out holes in the floor and covered them with several layers of heavy duty screen.  I live in the upper south so it gets hot and humid in the summer and somewhat cold in the winter so I had to insulate the walls and ceiling.  I have an air conditioner for the summer heat.  My aviary isn't large enough to have a sink inside but, I do have one outside which is nice so I don't have to drag everything in the house.  My aviary doesn't have windows, they take up valuable wall space.  I hope in the near future I can get skylights.  So for right now I use artificial lighting.  As you can see I have a door that lets some light in.  On the inside of that door I have a screen door.  The screen door is for two reasons, one to help stop escapees and two, I can open the outside door to help with ventilation.  You are probably saying now, she sure does talk a lot about ventilation, but I can't say enough about it because it is very important.
Good luck with planning yours.

The Yellow Bird House

My Aviary
12' x 24'
A dream come true

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